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This is a continuing situation which has the potential of culminating in a wrongful death.

His name is Eric Von Schlichten, and he has a heart condition. He is being held against his will and being forced to take psychiatric medication against his and his mother's consent.

Eric has been entrapped by the criminal Justice System in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. In march of 2004 he was fined, given probation, and a suspended sentence for throwing grass clippings on a neighbor's property. A neighbor that was harassing him by telling him he doesn't belong in the community. Once on probation, this made it very easy to accuse him of another crime and thus say he violated his probation. This happened later that same month in march of 2004. While he was on the premises of the Northampton County Intermediate Unit in Palmer Township, PA, instead of dealing with something that was related to his disability of being Autistic, they called the police and had him charged with a crime. The charges of a crime are totally wrong. Based on these accusations which are still accusations, they arrested him without reading his Miranda rights. He was arraigned without a phone call or an attorney. The court declared he violated his probation without having a trial. He was sent to jail to wait for his trial without being given the opportunity to post bail.

He was in jail for 2 months. After that, sent to a group home for 2 months until out of frustration of this whole situation, he threw pebble size stones at the group home building. (before you judge and cast the first stone, (pun intended), re-read the last paragraph. In July, 2004 he was sentenced to 6 months of incarceration for the stone throwing. Eric went back to jail for another 2 months. In September of 2004, he went back to the group home where he still is today.

Eric remains in state custody while he is still waiting for a trial that is being delayed, stemming from charges filed in March, 2004 when the Northampton County Intermediate Unit called the police on Eric.

Eric's mother saw him on December 18, 2004, for the first time in 3 months. She said his face is bloated and puffy from the medication. His health is deteriorating. Eric needs to come home and get proper medical care before his state of health gets any worse.